Remedy Cards

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The first paragraph contains suggestions for yourself, and the second paragraph contains suggestions for friends and family


Lonely, bored, just going through the motions of life

Use my talents. Sing, write music, play the guitar, invent something.

Take a walk with me. Tell me to look at all my talents and use them.

I feel my life is hard, and I'm scared for my future.

Try to picture myself healthy and well so that I know what to look forward to. Do something with supportive friends.

Call me, talk to me, or hang out with me.

I focus on what others do wrong

Try not to worry about others, and take care of myself.

Just say that you love me. If I am hostile, mean, or rude, don't take it personally.

Extreme sensitivity, excessive sleep, isolation, and low energy

Remind myself that this is not my fault. Even though I may want to, try not to sleep all day. I'll feel better if I get out of bed.

Remind me that this is part of a disorder, and just be there for me. Encourage me to go outside and let the sun or rain hit my face.

Can't make decisions, ask for help, finish projects, or take care of myself

Go outside, look at all the nature and beauty, and try to soak it all in. Take a hot shower and put on a clean outfit.

Learn my triggers and symptoms, and help me to avoid them.

Tired, clumsy, and not in focus. Everything is difficult.

Remind myself that this is an illness that is making me feel bad. I know this because these symptoms go away the minute I get better.

I might get angry if I bump my head or do something physically stupid. Remind me that this is an illness, like diabetes, and that this has nothing to do with me but everything to do with my brain.

I lose confidence, handle rejections poorly, and feel that no one wants to do anything with me

Treat depression as an illness. It is a sign to me that I am sick. This is typical of mental illness.

Please do not ask what I can do. I can't decide when I am down. It is better for you to say we are going to go do this, and let's go do it. Help me do the task.

Fearful that something bad is going to happen

I analyze everything that happens in a conversation and afterwards. These are the first signs of paranoia. Call my doctor and make an extra appointment. Talk to someone about what I am feeling. Tell myself this will get better.

Remind me that when I am depressed, I can't reason. Help me see that the fear is not real by going over the "Paranoia" Remedy Cards.


Mean. Swear. Agitated.

Tell myself strongly that my behavior is not acceptable and I can't take it out on anyone.

Do not argue with me. Set boundaries. Say that you are not going to talk with me when I am in this mood.

Annoyed. Unhappy. Everything sucks.

Ask for help. Say that I am irritated, and try to refocus to positive feelings.

I am overwhelmed because I feel so much pressure. I may not ask for help, but please offer it anyway.

I throw things

Limit stimulation. Meditate, breathe, or use mindfulness techniques.

Do not let me drag you into my circle of anger. Encourage me to exercise, eat, and sleep.

Everything and everyone bothers me and I have very little patience

STOP - Stop, Take a breath, Observe my behavior, and be Proactive, not reactive.

Understand that I feel very out of control. Encourage me to exercise, eat, and sleep in some sort of routine.

Good in Gray - Living Well

Calm. People are not confusing. There are no strange connections between things.

Remember what this feels like so I can know when other moods start to creep in.

Learn my I Look Good in Gray behavior. Encourage me to engage in all my talents.

Regular eating and sleeping schedule

Go to bed at roughly the same time each night.

Point out what my positive behavior looks like. Compliment me.

Life feels right. I am not scared. Not dwelling on the past.

Know the signs of all my different swings and compare them to the Good in Gray behavior.

Help me stay in the Good in Gray behavior mode. Do things with me.

My feelings are not all or nothing. They are balanced.

Avoid stress. Do not do the things that would make me sick.

Point out the things that I am doing that are good.

I feel physically normal. I take pride in my appearance. I can work and feel happy about my accomplishments.

I must focus on trying to keep this good schedule with eating, sleeping, and working.

Compliment me. Point out my intelligence, humor, inventiveness, musical abilities, and other talents.

I am not obsessive. I like myself.

Accept my limitations, and learn to live with them. Make note of my good feelings, to distinguish them from symptoms of the illness.

Encourage and stand behind and beside me.


It feels hard to breathe. I can't seem to relax.

I need to stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and drugs. Try to play golf, squash, long board, run, or some sort of exercise that I like.

Do something relaxing with me. Ask me to go kayaking, do something, or just have lunch.

Sense of impending doom

Use all my talents to try and reduce my anxiety. Play my guitar. Sing or write songs.

Encourage me to be open and tell you what is on my mind. Try to get me to talk.


Prepare myself for any change, good or bad. Teach myself coping skills, whatever works. Always stay ahead of stress. Take some deep breaths. Do yoga. Be my own cheerleader. GO, FIGHT, WIN.

Tell me to trust what my mamoo, bullboo, macalfs and other loved ones say to do.

Focusing and completing projects are too much to handle

I should cancel concerts, parties, and any commitments that I do not have to do, that would cause more anxiety.

Try to encourage me to do something. Make something or create something with me. Remind me that I am good at things.

Overwhelmed. Worried. Slow. I feel like things are all my fault.

Realize that this is a mood swing and part of the disorder. If it gets hard, call my psychiatrist before the anxiety goes into mania or depression.

Call me and talk me down. Cook for me or offer help with tasks. Try anything that can stop the anxiety from going further into paranoia.


Talking quickly. Very creative but can't finish anything. I think I'm just fine.

Stay away from caffeine, energy drinks, and other stimulating things.

Instead of drinking caffeine, drink calming herbal teas and meditate. Say, "We do not think that you are fine. We do not want to ruin your life or fun. We just want to help you and keep you safe."

Going out most nights. Drugs and alcohol. Saying yes to things I shouldn't.

Take a night off and take a walk instead. I must help myself to prevent the mania from progressing to psychosis.

Encourage me to slow down my drinking and call my doctor.

Very irritable and impulsive

I might decide to do something in the moment without thinking of the consequences. I should not drive. Stay in a safe place. Call and tell someone that I feel bad.

Do not tell me what to do. Try to encourage me to read my Remedy Cards for mania, or read them to me.

Not eating or sleeping well

I sleep less but am not tired. I skip meals, and my eating habits are terrible. This will for sure go into psychosis if not stopped. Call my doctor and do what he says to do. Tell myself that I must sleep and eat.

Know that mania can come after a big change, good or bad, but that it can also just happen. Try to encourage me to do what my doctor says to do.

No fear. No shame. Everything is about my pleasure.

Ask for help from my loved ones. Always tell someone that I'm manic. Do not go out.

Remind me of my bad experiences when I have been manic in public in the past. Do I want to hurt anyone else? Or myself?


I ask a lot of strange and fearful questions

Don't act on these feelings. They are not real. This is just funny business. Don't trust the fear. Trust my loved ones.

This is all about the stress. Tell me to read this card and slow down. Tell me to call my brothers or any loved ones to confirm this.

People are looking at me funny and following me

I might think they are trying to hurt and poison me, and even my loved ones may be trying to harm me. I need to call a psychiatrist and do what he says. Things will pass and I will trust people again.

Call my doctor if it is really bad and I cannot or will not call myself. Help me trust my inner abilities so that I will trust my doctor and do what what he says to do.

When I am out driving, the cars seem too close, like they are following me

Remind myself that my disorder creates these thoughts, and I can't wait until they are gone. Concentrate on getting home safe and going the speed limit.

Ask if you can keep my car keys until I'm better. Encourage me to talk to confirm that I'm paranoid. Tell me to listen to my loved ones and to trust them.

Things smell or taste weird. Something seems off.

The paranoia is increasing my senses. This is just part of the disorder.

Tell me that my brain is overstimulated and that I am sick from my disorder.

I do not trust the people in my life

I shouldn't send emails or use social media. I will regret showing everyone my paranoia when I have recovered.

Tell me to not trust the impulsive moves that my disorder wants me to make. Tell me that they will haunt me when I am well. Encourage me to go to my doctor.

Remember, if you are having problems with mental health, talk to a doctor. The remedy cards are not medical advice and are offered only as examples of what has helped some people in times of need. These remedy cards were inspired by Julie Fast's Health Cards.