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Decrease the Stigma of Mental Illness

Our personal mission is to spread awareness and decrease the stigma of mental illness. The Good in Gray t-shirt was created to help accomplish our mission and to spark conversations about mental illness. The black sleeve represents despair and depression, and the tie-dye sleeve represents the many colors of mental illness, such as mania and psychosis. The Good in Gray part of the t-shirt represents living well with mental illness.

Please promote awareness by wearing this t-shirt. For help with anxiety, anger, depression, mania, psychosis, paranoia, and living well, please click on the Remedy Cards.


About GoodinGray

Awareness leads to Knowledge. Knowledge leads to Power. Power leads to Movement. Movement leads to Results. Results lead to Living Well.

In my dreams, I dream of a play on Broadway called "I Look Good in Gray." I envision the actors wearing t-shirts that are gray in the middle. The left sleeve of the t-shirts would be made in bright colors similar to those you see in a tie-dye t-shirt. The right sleeve of the t-shirt would be black. On the shoulder of the left tie-dye sleeve, lines of gray would trickle down from the shoulder to the elbow of the t-shirt. On the right black sleeve, lines of gray would also trickle down in the same fashion.

The premise would be that the actors would wear the t-shirts in the show and illustrate the highs and lows of mental illness as well as the stigma that is associated with mental illness throughout the play. This awareness t-shirt could speak to everyone in the audience with the "mood" that the different colors of mental illness allude. There are beautiful ideas and masterpieces that can come out of disciplined mania thinking. That is where the left tie-dye sleeve with trickles of gray comes in. Let those suffering with mental illness wear gray, the bulk of the t-shirt, but let them have trickled moments of balanced brilliance so that they can create, in whatever fashion is innate to them. And just like the left tie-dye sleeve, the right black sleeve would also let trickles of gray in, so that a dark day of grimness may not be reaped so badly.

I have seen the pain of special ones experiencing "brain moods." I would like to think that through awareness, more people would begin to reach out more to those who suffer. This reaching out would help those that suffer with mental illness build self-confidence and see the beauty of taking care of themselves, supporting themselves, fighting for themselves, and loving themselves.

For me, awareness is where my heart lies. Getting rid of the stigma always and in all ways!

-Gigi (gg)